Miami Swim Week 2022: Sustainable Brands to Look Out For

Get ready for Miami Swim Week 2022 by reading up on some of the leading sustainable brands in the industry.

Miami Swim Week 2022: Sustainable Brands to Look Out For
Photo by Nomadic Odero for Island Tribe

This year, Miami Swim Week is striving to emphasize sustainability, up-cycling, and slow fashion to try to reduce the industry's impact on the air and oceans. Some standout events include the Segunda Mano Fashion Show and the Paraiso Upcycle Challenge. There will also be many eco-friendly brands in attendance. The following brands all prioritize sustainable practices and values and are making waves in the swim industry. Read about them here and look out for their shows at Miami Swim Week 2022!

Siren Swim Co.

Siren's mission is to make comfortable, cute, and long-lasting swimwear that is environmentally conscious. Their practices are setting the standard of eco-friendly production in the industry. They use completely recycled fabrics as well as eco-ink. ECONYL, their main fabric, is made from plastic waste found in the oceans and has all the properties of nylon without any of the harm. Additionally, a portion of their profits go to New Standard and Healthy Seas, two groups fighting to introduce impactful legislation.

Siren Swim Co.
Siren Swim Co is an all inclusive and sustainable swimwear brand. We practice ethicality and responsibility, through, supporting other companies and donating to charities, that share our same views .

Island Tribe

This brand practices slow fashion, a relatively new concept designed to reduce waste in the production industry. Each of their designs is made-to-order so as to reduce overstock waste. They encourage shoppers to move away from next-day shipping culture and embrace high-quality garments made in a healthy and sustainable, albeit slightly slower, way. The company also donates a portion of profits to tree-planting initiatives.

Island Tribe
Island Tribe is a Conscious Womenswear Lifestyle Brand, founded with the Aim of Working with Artisans from around the Globe with a strong commitment to transparent practices and fair trade production. Based in California, ” the Tribe” embraces femininity, environmental consciousness and holistic liv…

Tiare Hawaii

Tiare aims to reduce their carbon footprint by simplifying the process. Their products are all handmade using traditional dying techniques in Bali. Additionally, they have recently introduced a collection using entirely plant-based and biodegradable fabrics. These fabrics are made from fibers in pineapple leaf, mulberry bark, banana, eucalyptus, and more. The company also uses entirely biodegradable packaging.

Tiare Hawaii Naturals
Introducing Tiare Hawaii Naturals: Made With Love For the Planet | Organic, Vegan, Sustainable Dresses, Always Made From Plants | With Mother Earth in mind, we worked to find sustainable materials to create Tiare Hawaii Naturals, our first eco-friendly product offering.


This brand's products have an infinite lifetime. Their products use a nylon created from recycled plastic bottles and other ocean plastics. When a customer is done with their suit they can simply send it back and the recycled nylon will be used again. This circular process reduces excess waste and production-related carbon emissions. Additionally, the company has released a line using other plant-based fabrics such as TENCEL. Their packaging comes entirely from recycled materials and is compostable.

ACACIA by Naomi Newirth | seamless comfort swim + ready to wear
The perfect low-cut Italian bikini and the classic Brazilian fit. Acacia mixes effortless femininity with sophistication.

VDM the Label

This brand is entirely plastic free, except for the recycled ocean plastic used to create their fabrics. They use any excess fabric not used in production to test their future designs. Their main fabric, REPREVE, takes 45% less energy to make compared to standard textiles in the industry. They also use eco-rayon, a wood-based textile, and ECONYL, a fabric made from ocean plastics.

Australian Designed Eco-Friendly Bikini. Discover our online shop sales and promotions . Luxury Handmade Female Swimwear & Swimsuit .


This brand works to emphasize up-cycling in their production process. They use fabric scraps that would normally go in a landfill for their swimsuits' inner linings, and many of their collections use completely recycled fabrics. They have also designed a forward-thinking swimsuit that can be reversed for two different patters and tied in two different ways, meaning that one swimsuit counts for four. This way, customers don't have to buy as many different styles, reducing production volume altogether and therefore reducing the company's carbon footprint.

MAAJI | Shop Online | Made in Colombia with Love
Maaji creates fun fashionable reversible swimwear and bathing suits, bikinis, and one-pieces. Try our dresses, beachwear, eco-friendly and activewear!

Call to Action Swimwear

Armed with six up-to-date certifications on their website, this company is setting an example for reliability in the sustainable fashion world. They are careful to only work with suppliers and manufacturers who share their values, and they are willing to spend a little bit more time and money to get the most eco-friendly product possible. Their goal is to create long-lasting and fashionable swimwear that their customers are willing and able to use for a long time.

Call To Action Clothing
Socially and environmentally conscious swimwear from Call To Action Clothing, fiercely committed to the slow fashion movement. By crafting beautiful clothing that is meant to be eternally loved, we make pieces that are produced more gently on the environment.

Our company, Dhakai, helps small businesses get up and running while implementing the sustainable practices and eco-friendly fabrics mentioned in this article. Our team will be in Miami for Swim Week and we would love to connect with you! Reach out to us at or visit our website to learn more. If you are ready to take the leap towards recycled fabrics and carbon neutral practices, sign up for a free one-on-one consultation here.