Dhakai Uses The Pantone Color System

Dhakai Uses The Pantone Color System
Photo by Quinten Braem / Unsplash

Yes, you heard that right; we use the Pantone Color System to dye our fabric, and so can you. It is as simple as 1,2,3 — send us your Pantone color, and we will make it happen. Leave the fuss to us, and we can fulfill your vision and brand requirements.

All you have to do is distinguish the exact Pantones to the factory for fabric colors, screen prints and sublimation prints. This ensures accuracy and constituency with each and every product.

The thing about color is we all experience it uniquely. You tell one friend “indigo,” and another friend thinks “navy.” The answer is science, but we won’t get into it. Because we experience color differently, the Pantone Color System is the solution to your answer.

Pantone is a company best known for its report on the color of the year and the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

The Pantone Color Systems provide you with a universal language of color, allowing you, other designers, brands, and manufacturers to decide on color-critical decisions throughout your workflow. According to Rush Order Tees, “over 10 million people worldwide rely on the Pantone system and its products.”

With the help of Pantone, all your worries that you can imagine will go out the window. Pantone makes it possible for you to define, communicate, and control color from idea to reality and beyond multiple finishes and materials.

Keep in mind that Pantone offers two distinct color systems. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is typically used for marketing and branding. It is known to be more accessible with a wide selection of colors that are created to catch your eye. They’re sure to pop! You can access them through color books, swatch formats, and online tools like add-ons, apps, and extensions. Looking for print, packaging, digital, and screen printing? PMS is the go-to.

The other available option is the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors System (FHI). Because it is more advanced and expensive, it is targeted by manufacturing professionals. With its unique coding: TCX for textiles and TPG for pigments and coating, you can experience features of more whites, blacks, and neutrals in the palette. You can find it in color books, swatch formats, and one bonus — fabric swatches. Best for paints, cosmetics, accessories, apparel fabrics, and soft goods.

Why Pantone? An accurate, reliable, and standardized way to produce and reproduce color. There are endless possibilities with color, and your color doesn’t just have to be “pink.”

Props to science because it has proven that humans are responsive to color, so why not use it to your advantage? Some studies have shown that color affects moods and drives decision-making. Sounds like any brand’s dream customer.

By using Pantone, you have control and power over psychology — you can enhance mood, inspire feeling, and entice a character to associate with your brand. Originality is in the palm of your hand. With Pantone, you can stick out amongst your competitors and hand-pick your color to best emulate your brand and mission. By establishing brand awareness and credibility. And with that comes loyalty — consistency and recognition build familiarity.

So, you’re ready to pick your Pantone? Select the image/color of your liking and upload it. From there, click on each color where a match reference is required. Your selected color will include CMYK, RGB, and Hex values. Then color matches will appear on a card, and that card will offer you endless possibilities with color.

Commence and color with confidence!