The Foundation of Dhakai: Our Six Core Values

The Foundation of Dhakai: Our Six Core Values

Our Foundation
For CEO and founder, Russel Karim, Dhaka, Bangladesh is his home roots. It also happens to be home to the second largest exporter of apparel in the world. After developing two other tech companies, Russel is integrating technology within the apparel process to revolutionize its current stagnant process.

At Dhakai, we are strong believers that your morals and values should reflect in your supply chain. Our digital platform makes it easy for our partnered brands and manufacturers to connect directly based on their shared mission. In order for the fashion industry to have a sustainable future, we need to take fashion back to its root.

Our Logo Story
Within the Dhakai logo you can see two triangles, one is pink and one is teal. The teal triangle represents all the people manufacturing apparel in this large industry. The pink triangle represents the fashion brands, creatives, designers and other professionals in the fashion industry.

Both the teal and the pink triangles are made to be perfectly symmetric of each other because at Dhakai, we treat them the same. Both sides of the customers are our valued partners as we empower them though our transparent marketplace.

Together both triangles create a kite shape which represents innovation, empowerment and changes in the fashion supply chain. Both manufacturers and buyers are dependent on each other and flourish when they work in harmony.

Our Values

At Dhakia, we have six core values representing the six pillars in our kite; Trust, Partnership, Empowerment, Communication, Transparency and Sustainability.

1. Partnership
The foundation of Dhakai is in partnership. We put a strong emphasis on facilitating and building long-lasting partnerships that benefit all parties.

2. Trust
Dhakai takes the uncertainty out of your decision making. Partnering with us means having an added level of trust between buyers and manufacturers.

3. Empowerment
There are so many lives involved in the apparel supply chain. As a premium sourcing marketplace, it is Dhakai’s vision to empower each person through a streamlined process. We do this by providing the tools and services needed to save time and money.

4. Communication
Effective communication is key to ensure a smooth process. Dhakai provides open communication between both parties through our messaging system. As well as real time updates on where products are in the production process all the way until it reaches your door.

5. Transparency
Complete transparency is at the top of mind during every stage of the production process. Dhakai is dedicated to providing the most accurate information possible. Ensuring that what you see is exactly what you get.

6. Sustainability
The future of fashion is sustainable. As the industry increases efforts towards circular and eco-friendly fashion, technology such as Dhakai makes it easy to match your supply chain with your mission and values.

From the perspective as a buyer, manufacturer or consumer, what values are important to you?

Russel Karim | Founder  & CEO

Russel Karim | Founder & CEO

Dhakai's CEO and founder is Russel Karim. He is a serial entrepreneur with a technology background and track record including successful business exits.