What To Gift Your Employees This Holiday Season

What To Gift Your Employees This Holiday Season

In the age of hybrid workspaces, shifting industry values and staffing shortages,  the corporate gifting industry has exploded with employers hoping to show their employees some appreciation. This industry is estimated to be worth over 200 billion dollars and continues to grow as companies of all sizes and budgets jump on the wave of awarding employees with gifts for jobs well done.

The holidays are a perfect time for companies to invest in something special for their employees. As the weather gets colder and days get shorter, everyone can use a little mood booster. But the question remains of what gift will make your employees feel valued, and what will feel simply transactional.

When it comes to corporate gifting, employees will most appreciate a gift that recognizes the hard work they put in, and encourages them to relax and unwind. Something impersonal and generic won’t have the same effect on company morale as a thought-out gift that communicates to employees that they should take a well-earned break.

Here are a few ideas, ranging from high to low budget, that will make your employees feel pampered, appreciated, and understood this holiday season.

Winter Puffer Jacket ($$$)

A nice winter jacket could be used on a holiday ski trip or just as a way to keep cozy as the weather gets cooler. Useful items like this go a long way to show employees that the practical things they would ordinarily use their paycheck for are taken care of.

At-Home Spa Kit ($$)

If you really want to show your employees that they deserve a break, set them up for a calming at-home spa day. A cozy robe and slippers, paired with a bath bomb or some essential oils, will bring luxury and relaxation right to their doorstep.

Duffel Bag: ($$)

A duffel bag is the perfect gift to take all over the world on a holiday trip. Classy and budget-friendly, duffel bags communicate perfectly that it's time to enjoy some time off.

Cozy Blanket ($)

Who doesn't love a big, cozy blanket in the winter months? Whether warming up after a snow day or cuddling up for a movie night, you can always find a use for a high-quality blanket. It is a reliable and well-loved gift for the holiday season.